Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog: Everything uploaded for now

I believe I have uploaded everything for the start of the blog now. Hopefully more stuff will be happening in the future. I will endeavor to continue with my present writer's goal for myself - participating in the Sunday Fun with Breathless Press. If it is the only thing I do, at least I am doing some writing.

I first heard of Breathless Press in 2012 through one of their editors.She attended ConCarolinas  "The Best Sci-Fi Con in the Carolinas" which happens annually during June in Charlotte, NC. The convention has a totally awesome writer's segment of activities that is close to a third of the convention events - usually having 3 different tracks happening throughout the day. The Erotica classes tend to be extremely fun and funny. Writers and editors know words - and their panels are amazing. 

I am finally getting enough organized to maybe do something more with she presented during the writing panels she was on. Maybe next convention I will have something to present to her ... or, if I am very, very lucky and get more organized than I think I can in the time allotted ... be on a panel with her. .... all writers are dreamers.

(Update 1/6/2016 - Old flashes removed in preparation of new blog format in 2016.)

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