Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blog: Three Month Mark

Been doing flashes for three month now; I did three weeks directly to Breathless Press Blog before kicking my personal blog off on November 15, 2012. The first one I posted to Breathless Press Blog was on October 21, 2012. 

I am seeing an improvement in my writing under the constant push to have stuff ready for the Sunday and Wednesday deadlines.

By the way in order to keep up on the Wednesday stuff, I have written a little ahead. (Can't do it for Sunday because I never know what the picture will be.) The pool of flashes does create problems every Wednesday when I have to choose from one of several babies to let people see. I guess that is like trying to figure out what story to send to a publisher.

Please note, Mom-Hood is a departure from the blog's aim of Romance, but it was fun experimenting with the very different voice an urban youth. I hope you enjoy it. I promise to keep the emphasis of the blog on Romance and Passion. But every now and again, the results of passion - parenthood and children - will work its way in.

It's time for me to start thinking about the next regular challenge, which I think will be writing a flirt. A story of about 10,000 words. You can find several of these on Amazon, running from 99 cents to about $1.79 each. I guess I should make a goal of a flirt a month. Yes, I think that would be a good goal for my self-created self-directed creative writing course.

I will release details when I get one ready as an e-book on Amazon. Now to figure out three to do - one each for Feb, Mar & Apr.

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