Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog: Tax Season Final Rush

Today's flash was a struggle. Thanks to tax season, I no longer have any flashes available for publication. So today I needed to pull something together. 

It was a fight beginning to end. My first story didn't work. My second story was better. I stopped at 1,000 words - it will be a good story, but not without a lot of massaging. And it wasn't fun yet. Below is my third and final try to meet tonight's deadline. And it cuts off abruptly because the next scene has Beth interrupting the tete-a-tete - and I realized I was out of time if I am going to function tomorrow at work.  I will need to return to Adelaide and Muin - and may use their continuing story to fill in Wednesdays for a while.

Back in January I mentioned attempting to do some flirts as my next regular challenge. I had hoped to do one a month despite tax season. This has not happened yet. It will, but not yet.

I actually enjoyed today's fight to write. The feeling produced helped me understand what I may be going through in the future when I try and produce some writing as work instead of play. Deadlines will be deadlines no matter what.

Twenty more days, then I will endeavor to get April's flirt together. I promise I will have something longer than a flash soon.

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