Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blog: NaNo

As mentioned October 18, I am attempting NaNo in November (tomorrow!). I will be working on my "Cons of Romance" novel; above is the working cover until I get a chance to break out photoshop (my old version has expired) and put it together properly. 

Cons of Romance is a Contemporary Romance set in the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit between a big-name writer and a small-town self-publish author/steampunk cosplayer. The manuscript will follow the couple through five different cons (one is a repeat in the following year - so four different conventions actually).

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blog: NaNo Month Countdown

So 13 days until November. I am going to try the National Novel Writing Month this year and see if it will kickstart me back into writing. House buying and dozen of other things have absorbed my life energy, but I nicknamed my house the Peacock Writer's Cottage to remind me of my goal of writing.

So next month I will write my heart out. I will post word counts and maybe even some excerpts. See you all on the Page Turn.