Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blog: NaNo Choice

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Hey all, I am going to attempt National Novel writing month in November again. I know I have never finished the Cons of Romance from the 2015 NaNo, as well as previously worked on stories of The Anti-Christ's Big Sister's Blog and the Ice Queen superhero.

Also in the brain is Queen City Coven (a urban fantasy romance series), The Swan and ... (an urban fantasy series), the Ranlo brothers (a romance series), Ebony's Rainbow (a romance series), the Moonguard (a fantasy series), the Saga of Joelie (epic fantasy), the Waking Dead (necromancers), and a dozen other stories.

I was wondering is there any particular story you would like to see expanded or characters you want revisited? You may want to visit the Character Cross-Reference and the Universe Cross-Reference for ideas. Let me know of anything you are particularly interested in and it may become the November writing - and if nothing else you will get to see a few additional blogs particular to the world and characters

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Erin Penn

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