Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Art Projects: Drawn Thread

Drawn Threadwork made my May
This month I taught a class on Drawn Threadwork. Related to the class I ended up making a couple of towels as examples, to work beside my students, and to drum up additional interest in the class.

First towel completed (May 19) - 15 hours
I love Drawn Thread embroidery because of its speed; this 17 inch by 30 inch towel took under 15 hours to complete when many of my embroidery projects can take over 100 hours. The four lines of drawn threadwork include Hound's Tooth, Interlacing (Variation), Zig-Zag, and Interlacing (Basic).

Second towel completed (May 26) 
The lines are as follows(top to edge of fabric) - Hound's tooth bottom; Hound's tooth top; drawn thread 2 lines; drawn thread 4 lines; Double ladder interlace (6 gather for each ladder); drawn thread 4 lines; drawn thread 2 lines; Zig zag; Hound's tooth top.
All white fabric untouched are 6 lines wide. All gathers are 8-thread gathers unless stated otherwise.

And enough of that for a while. Hopefully my students enjoyed the class as much as I did prepping for it.

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